convergent boundaries twenty iron distinct divergent boundaries
evidence of rocks Pangaea lithosphere oceanic crust mantle
inner core plate tectonics continental crust tranform fault climatic evidence
Alfred Wegener asthenosphere plate tectonics outer core lithosphere
asthenosphere fit of the continents crust fossil evidence

____________________ 1. The scientific theory which describes the mobile earth is called.

____________________ 2. At the center of the earth is a solid metallic sphere called.

____________________ 3. Above the outer core is the _____, a thick plastic-like layer which is capable of flow.

____________________ 4.

____________________ Name the two kinds of crust.

____________________ 5. The ____ consists of the crust and the uppermost mantle.

____________________ 6. Scientists think that the weak rock within the ____ allows the earth's rigid outer shell to move.

___________________ 7. The continental drift hypothesis is credited to _________, a German scientist who first proposed the idea.

____________________ 8. In addition to the four major layers of the earth, scientist have discovered a hot, weak zone within the upper mantle called the _____.

____________________ 9. In the continental drift hypothesis there was a supercontinent called ______.




____________________ Name the four types of evidence that supports the sontenintal drift hypothesis.

____________________11. The theory of ____ holds that the outer crust of our earth consist of segments called plates.

____________________12. When plates move apart the boundaries between them are called _______.

____________________13. The inner core is composed of ______, with nickel and other elements present.

____________________14. Surrounding the inner core is a layer of thick mobile liguid called the ______.

____________________15. The mantle supports a very thin, rigid outermost layer called the _____.

____________________16. Above the asthenosphere is the solid, rigid outer portion of the earth called the _____.

____________________17. The theory of plate tectonics holds that the outer, rigid crust of our earth consists of about _____segments called plates.

____________________18. According to the plate tectonics model, each plate moves as a ______ unit.

____________________19. Boundaries where plates move together are called _________.

____________________20. Boundaries where plates slide past each other are called ______.

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