Lesson Plans 8-18-99
Larry Dean Jackson

OBJECTIVEs: Understand parts of maps (1C), and Describe locations with parallels and meridians (4G).

Unit 1 / Chapter 1 / Geography Skills Handbook

Hand out books, do not issue. Start on p.11.


TITLE: Plan a trip.

PURPOSE: To give the students experience in using the mileage key on the map.

OBJECTIVE(s): The students will be able to use the mileage key of a map, plan a trip and keep within a set amount of miles given by the teacher.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Maps of your state, pencils, paper, and little inexpensive plastic cars.

ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES: The teacher announces that everyone in the class has a chance of winning a brand new car. They have to do one very simple thing in order to get their car. Ask "How many would be interested?" Tell them all of them will receive a car that will have "0" on the odometer. They have to plan a trip that will be between 1100 to 1200 miles. If when they return from their trip and the odometer (kept with oencil and paper) reads between 1100 to 1200 miles they will win their car. Of course, we will chart their trip on the map and make sure that they went to a lot of places and that they didn't go to the same place more than once.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: As a class check each students calculations to make sure they are correct. If their calculations are correct award them a car.


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